Stars glitter

Dreams grounded in the night skies

The hunter stands tall in the darkness

Those mysterious sisters hide her cries

Full of pain and loneliness


School assignment turn lifetime habit

The hunter’s bow points her direction

To places she’ll go and those she’ll revisit

Each exposing parts of a new edition


Under veil in the east or west, north or south

His guiding arrow and her soul sisters

Bring a smile to her mouth

The gaze now shared of the stars’ glitters

Stars glitter

The Blues


The color of those lines that delivered my wish.


The color of the sky I hoped to show you.


The color of my soul where your absence remains.


The color of the eyes that pour endless tears.


The color of the ink that writes my love for you.


The color of the sky where your energy has returned.

The Blues

a series of waka 和歌

A door held open

Glimpses taken between them

His touch of her hand

Putting to rest her fears found

Awakening a love lost


She listens to him

Each word a key to his soul

She embraces him

Each touch expresses her soul

The spaces between hold them


Feelings aren’t just felt

Our hearts beat in contractions

A symbol of love

Giving and receiving too

As should words breathe our feelings

a series of waka 和歌

Three hearts

Three years ago and a lifetime

On this day you were created

A blessing born of love

A life lost before had

Three hearts connected in one

Two now beating as one

On this day you chose me

A blessing given in love

A life to be held in my heart

Three years ago and a lifetime

On this day my life was altered forever

A blessing and a curse

A life without you here

Three hearts connected

Yours in mine and mine to his

A blessing found in the pain

A life of love to be shared


Three hearts


Did my curves confuse you

Make you think them the map

Of your path from pain

Did you not see the flashing lights

The yield signs heeding warning

That those curves had just been paved

And you had no business on them

Did you lose sight of the road

As you sought an escape

Taking those curves

Driving away… my innocence



a glance made across the room

an hour in your gaze over drinks

more hours in your arms held tightly

those not mine taken

messages of desire and tender care

intimate conversation shared across miles

a yearning for that not found with others

those not mine, yet taken

nights of passion spent ’til exhaustion

hello kisses lost to goodbyes

a child conceived between those hellos

those not mine, yet taken

deep desires for more left broken promises

that left a heart stolen to lust and loss

those not his broken

those not hers stolen